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Blogging is a very common and popular way to communicate your knowledge. It is also a good way to express your creative and business knowledge. Questions to ask yourself, why are you blogging? What is your blog about? Blog at YBC Adboard has a new look. Slow cooker recipe when you are broke.  More
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Where can you get solo advertising? You need to be able to advertise your site or product offer. However, advertising can be pretty expensive. So, where are you going to get cost effective solo ad sites? Two of the Your Biz CafĂ© websites have a lot going on.   More
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Word Press is a very popular Content management system with a lot of bells and whistles. Some of those bells and whistles are easy to use. You have a great site going and you love how user friendly it is. However, there are some plugins you could be missing to keep it going. Plus, what's new at Your Biz Cafe?  More
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Marketing is a very important part of business. A business needs it to thrive and gain access to an audience. Solo ad marketing can do that for a website. As long as that marketer keeps it simple and knows their audience, they can gain satisfying results. Why does solo advertising still work? What makes this method so popular and trustworthy?   More
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Keeping your solo ad marketing simple is a good way to start. However, do you target your audience? Plus, get updates from Your Biz Cafe.  More