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Website Promotion
Website Promotion
Solo Ad Marketing: Keep it Simple
By Stephanie Fulcher

Solo ad marketing is a very effective method of promotion. However, it is difficult to gain the traction you need to see results. Of course, you set up your advertising. You may even have a stellar headline to get their attention. They click threat headline then what's next? No action. You are not getting the results you need for them to take the next step. What's that step? Buy your product, join your website or subscribe to your list. The question that needs to be asked is why? Why is your site not getting the visitors or sales you need?
Solo Ad is too long

Okay in today's day in age some people have short attention spans. When it comes to sales copy, you have to really get to the point about why that person should dole out cash. Even if it’s one dollar that person could use that dollar on something else other than your product. So, that being said, your ad copy should be 500 characters or less. A few things about your product service or program should be sufficient. State what your product is a brief reason why they should buy or join. Then, a call to action has to be in the ad copy.
Too many dollar signs in your ad copy
It's great to be forthright about the price of your product or service. However, it can be annoying to the reader if your dollar signs take over your message. Your message can be flagged as spam. The message can have a clear reason to what your product is then your price and the call to action. Or, you can leave the price out. The message sometimes matters more than price. For example, your product is a new advertising script manager. A brief view of what that script can do can peak their interest.  Enter your call to action and let your sales page do the rest. Your solo ad is just a brief preview of the product or service.
You are trying too hard to sell your product

Repetition is good but... caution needs to be used when trying to get them to click the link. Repeating the reasons why they need to buy too many times can turn them away. Instead, conclude with a call to action. Don’t forget to link to link to your sales age.
In conclusion, your Solo ad shouldn't be a novel. You will definitely lose the attention of your potential customer.  It’s just a preview of your actual sales page. The solo ad shows what your website is about or what new miracle program you have. The solo ad should be 500 characters or less, have a link to the sales page and a call to action.

Stephanie Fulcher
197 Jefferson Ave, Brooklyn NY 11216
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