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Word Press is a very popular Content management system with a lot of bells and whistles. Some of those bells and whistles are easy to use. You have a great site going and you love how user friendly it is. However, there are some plugins you could be missing to keep it going. Question, is your blog safe from hackers and spammers? Is your site able to run itself, while you create content?
Jet Pack  https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/

You can connect to the Wordpress.com cloud through your Self-hosted Word Press blog. As long as you have a Word Press account you can use all of its features. Some of these features are usually restricted to WordPress.com members. Why recommend this plugin? Well, if you have a few plugins that you want to keep track of, you can perform a lot of actions in one place. You can update all of your plugins, ad features, ad auto updates etc. Plus, you can list all of your self-hosted blogs at wordpress.com and view their stats. Read more

Whats New at Your Biz Cafe

The help desk
Did you know there is a help desk support site for Your Biz Café? No? Well there is. You can go to http://help.yourbizcafe.net if you have any issues, suggestions or questions. If you have a hard time with one of the sites, you can go to the articles for helpful tips. Lastly, if you need to see something mentioned in the knowledgebase feel free to open a ticket.
The forum
Your Biz Café is a simple social network with a forum to chat in. You can post ads, talk about your industry in business and share your marketing methods. http://yourbizcafe.net
YB Café Ads Knowledge base
I improved the knowledgebase so that you can better understand how to navigate the website. There is a revised how to article on what to expect when you first log in. That article is Advertiser menu.  If you want to see something entered in the knowledgebase please feel free to open a ticket and let me know.
Got to: http://help.yourbizcafe.net/knowledgebase.php?category=4