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Solo advertising is not dead

Solo ad Advertising is a very effective way to promote a business opportunity, reseller program or business. There are many benefits to using this method of advertising. What are they? Let’s list them in order.
Where to find Solo Advertising
There are so many places to advertise it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you are just starting out in marketing it can be difficult to know which way to start. You can use solo advertising to get yourself started and you don’t have to pay an arm and leg to do it. However, solo advertising can be pretty expensive if you don’t shop around.

What’s New at Your Biz café
Two of the Your Biz Café Websites has a special going on. If you are the type of marketer that like to have free traffic at their disposal then these two websites would be your best bet. Take a look at what has changed.
Viral Text Ads: New Bonus ad packs at Viral Text Ads. When you sigh up you will get free bonus ad pack. Plus if you upgrade to JV Partner you can get even more advertising for just five dollars.

My Sunny Ads: At this particular site I am not too proud to say that this is the most insane offer yet. You can sign up as a free JV member using the promo code: freebieJV. Then you can get more free advertising by using another promo code.

Want to know the great Part about these two sites? These two sites are a part of the Promotion magnet solo ad network. You will be sending your ads to 62 websites with a total membership count of 40,575. 


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