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Start Small

Blogging is a very common and popular way to communicate your knowledge. It is also a good way to express your creative and business knowledge. However, blogging can be a bit of challenge. Why? You don’t know where to start. Read more…

What is your blog about?
Now that you know where to start, consider what your blog is about. Your Blogging experience should not be a chore. Blogging should be an enjoyable process. It is always good to know where you want your blog to be in the future. Read more…

Slow cooker recipe: Scraps
People live pay check to 
pay check these days. Sometimes you have the means to do your grocery shopping but you just don’t want to spend it. Well, it’s like that for us at home. There are times you can barely scrape two pennies together. Read more…

Blog at YBC Adboard
Our Blog has a new easy to look at website theme. You will be able to just see all of the content. What's new at the ad board? Read more

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