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Why are You Blogging?
Now that you know to start small you know what your blog is about. You know where to go from there. There is one question you must ask yourself, though, Why are you blogging? Really now, what is your motivation? People start things for a reason. It could be that they want to earn money, help the community, s how their medical research or any number of things. Why do people blog?
Great form of marketing
Blogging is a very effective way to communicate your ideas and knowledge to the general public. The more you blog and leave comments the more traffic and readership you receive. It
takes time to building a relationship with readers. Consistency is important to gaining such a following.  Now that there are  social media outlets, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience. Read more
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Classified advertising: Dose it still work?
Classified Advertising is an old but effective way of marketing your business. Classified advertising is used alongside other methods of promotion. There are many websites out there that offer classified advertising. There are different niches as well. What are they?   There are real estate, automobile, and general classifieds. What about Ad boards? Are they ad boards considered classifieds?
What is an ad board?
An ad board is a website that allows you to post your ads a few times a day. You can also have a featured ad called a Premium ad. They are situated at the top of the page and have a low cost. That cost depends on the owner of the website.  Read more


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