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Stephanie Fulcher

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 A different solo for a different day
By: Stephanie Fulcher
An internet marketer there are many ways you have promoted your website. You probably used article marketing, banner ads, link rotation, guest blogging, and even purchased bulk traffic. Plus, solo advertising could be your main effort. Solo advertising is a very effective method to reach potential customers and subscribers. You as a marketer are very aware of this fact. However, as marketers, we need to have caution in mind when advertising. Why?

We need to be careful not to send a solo ad with the same headline too often. It is also good to send a different solo ad every so often. What exactly does that mean? Let’s say you have a solo ad that says “get your Ads Blasted to 20,000 websites”. That’s a great headline right very direct? Now you want to send this ad again with the same body and headline. Not a good idea. Spam filters will pick up on the ads you sent out and see that they are the same ones you sent a dozen times. Spam filters are becoming more efficient in sifting through emails.  You will probably be blocked by the person’s email. Your domain address and IP address can also be banned. Another problem is that your ad will not be seen by that potential customer.

What can be done to solve this issue?

Be creative.  When writing your solo ads, have at least three or four headlines to go with them. And if you are the paranoid sort, have three ads set up that will get you results. So, when you are ready to submit solo ads you will be able to use a different ad for the same product or service. You’ll avoid spamming the list and have peace of mind.  Be mindful of word triggers that will get your ad benched. Frequency is very important. Every two or three days on a consistent basis will help you get some results. If you are submitting solo ads everyday use a completely different ad for a different product or service.



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Published by: Stephanie Fulcher | 197 Jefferson Ave, Brooklyn NY 11216

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