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By Stephanie Fulcher
You are advertising your business or opportunity. There is a well thought out plan for your campaigns. You are using banner ads, link rotators, sales pages, squeeze pages, solo advertising and article marketing. Blogging is probably your main stay as well. Are you getting the traction you need? If not, what is going wrong in your campaigns? What is happening to you solo ad campaigns? Are you getting the kind of results you need? Let's examine the problem.
Lack of consistency
Sometimes a website such as a text ad exchange, an ad exchange or viral mailer will allow members to submit solo ads once a day or every three days. There are some text ad exchanges that have a set and forget feature. You can set the days your solo ads go out.  What about ezine advertising? Some publishers allow for solo advertising to be published twice a week. What is the point? Not setting up an every three three-day frequency to your campaign will not gain you the steady traffic you need.  A once a day frequency is good to submit your solo ads. However, but that is only good if it’s a different solo ad, with different content, for a different website. Anything else and you risk spamming the member lists you are trying to reach.  Emailing twice a week is good to get a steady flow of traffic.
Too many emails sent at once
What about emailing every day with the same solo ads? That would be considered spamming. if you are submitting your ads to an ezine, text ad exchange, or a viral mailer, it will not matter spamming is spamming. Another type of spamming is if you do not have permission to email people your offers. Now, with a viral mailer, you will probably be able to send that same solo ad out every two or every three days. That is a good way to get views and not take an unnecessary risk. With ezines, depending on the publisher, your ad will only be published twice a week. When you send your solos out too often people will become blind to what you offer.
Not double checking your ad copy
This seems very simple but, it boils down to forgetting to submit a URL. Let's say you are dealing with an ezine publisher. You just purchased a nice package. You have your solo ad ready to go. You even checked for possible spam phrases. You filled out the form to submit your solo ad to an ezine. Now, the form doesn't have a URL feild. Everything is supposed to be in the body of the email. Then you realize, you forgot to enter the link to your offer.  You didn’t double check your solo ad copy. It is always a good idea to check every time you set up ads.
When you set up your campaigns make sure you check the frequency of your solo ads. Have a set plan. Know how many times you want to send your ads out and on what days. Also, take care to check your solo ads for spam phrases and errors. Don’t forget your website link to your offer. Always be consistent from writing your ad copy to double checking before submitting to a provider.



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