{Issue 3} Solo Ad Marketing: Why it still works
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Marketing is a very important part of business. In order for business to thrive, it needs to gain an audience through marketing. Solo ad marketing can do that for a website. As long as that marketer keeps it simple and knows their audience, they can gain satisfying results. Why does solo advertising still work? What makes this method so popular and trustworthy?
Steady traffic to your website
When you submit a solo ad you are trying to gain more eyes on your offer. Depending on where you advertise your solo will get the traction it needs. As long as you are consistent, you will get the results you were looking for over time.
Permission based advertising
The name of the game is relationship. When you send out a solo ad you are sending out a small sales letter. That letter details your offer in short simple order. The great part of it is that you have permission to send these short sales letters. These letters can go out to a list of subscribers, Text ad Exchange members, or social media contacts interested in your offer.
More potential customers
As a marketer, gaining an audience is very important. Solo ad marketing is good way to start. You gain potential customers with this method of advertising. How? Consistency not only helps you gain your audience, but get that audience to become customers.
Why does Solo ad marketing still work? You can build an audience that will eventually become your customers. Also, you have permission to send solo ads to these people in order to build trust. Lastly, your website will have a steady flow of traffic. That’s real people interested in your offers.


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