{Issue 26} A blog post in a solo ad?
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My Sunny ads Blog: A Blog Post in a solo ad?

Blogging is a very popular way to communicate and promote services in this world. Being able to share knowledge of anything from cooking secrets to software tutorials is a great way to gain an audience. This audience is potential customers to your brand. But, can you showcase a snippet of your blog posts in a solo ad? Yes. Let's look at a few ways how. Click here to read more…


Your Biz Café: What is YBC advertising blog?

Your Biz Café Advertising blog is a free promotion website in the form of a blog. Members are able to post a sales letter, blog snippet or introduce a new script or software. There is also banner advertising at affordable rates to help you along. Click here to sign up to the YBCadblog.com site.


Your Biz café: The Helpdesk is here

Your Biz Cafe has finally streamlined the way support is given to customers. You can go to http://ybc-llc.com/thehelpdesk.html to ask a question, make a suggestion or just yell at me. The forum is coming soon.


Blog Text Ads Blog and forums coming soon

This is just a little note. Blog text ads will soon have a blog (again) and forums. Members will be able to chat and interact. Come back for updates.



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