{issue 2} Solo Ad Marketing: Know your Audience
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Solo Ad Marketing Know your Audience

Keeping your solo ad marketing simple is a good way to start. You want to reach wide range of people to get more potential buyers to your websites. Let’s say you achieved that and are getting a steady stream of visitors. You discover that that is not enough. You are only getting a click here and there. Question, do you know your audience. What does knowing our audience mean? Let’s consider a few things.
Knowing audience means...

Know what they want. What is hot right now? What does that mean? Let's say you are a programmer. You have developed a new script that will do everything. You know that websites need traffic and you have developed something that has a different way of achieving it. Now, you need to target your solo ad to people who want to run their own advertising business. Did you build a beta site using that new miracle script of yours? What about building a mailing list of interested people? You can target the members of the website to get your script sold?
Where can you find targeted solo advertising?

What if you don’t want to stop at just targeting your members? You want to widen your scope so to speak. You can start your solo ad process by starting small. You can use Ezine ad Co-Ops. The co=-ops that make my top list is http://www.mywizardads.com/  and  http://www.adsmarket.biz. They have a good track record for responsive subscribers intend to buy a product or service. The owners each are very helpful. They are each experienced in marketing as a whole and will help you reach your marketing goals.


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