{Issue 23} How to Gain more visitors Part 2
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How to gain more traffic part2

At YBC Ad board the name of the game is classifieds. Two blog posts ago I mentioned a few ways to gain more traffic with your ads. There are at least three more ways to gain more traction. Check them out below.

Consistent posting

Frequency of posting an ad depends on the success of your ad. If you post your ad at least twice a day, you will gain more exposure. You can even post three times every other day. You'll be able see a steady flow of visitors to your links. Why is frequency so important to an ad campaign? Click here to read more.

Three Reasons why your solo ads are not getting clicks Part 1

Are your solo ads being clicked? Do you notice that the stats are just not moving? If you answered yes to these two questions there are a few reasons why. Take a look at three reasons why your solo ad campaigns are not performing well.

Headline has banned phrasing

Why would an admin reject your solo ad? Why is there no performance numbers? To answer the first question, you are using words and phrases in your headline and ad copy that are against the admin's policy. What would be phrases and words that would cause an admin say no? Click here to read more.



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