{Issue 20} Permission based email marketing: Four ways to build trust
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Permission Based Email marketing: Four ways to build trust

In the last blog post, we discussed what permission-based email marketing is. How effective it is was also mentioned. But, how can it build trust to keep your audience engaged? Take a look at four ways email marketing can build trust in your product or service.

1. You have permission

As a newsletter or ezine publisher you have a subscribe box on many of your websites. You probably have them on a squeeze page or a sales letter. What's the point? You are asking a potential customer to join your list. Now, once this person decides to confirm their email address, you now have permission to send this new subscriber valuable information or promotions.

2. The information you send is useful

As an ezine publisher you have a few topics to share with your audience. It could be blogging tips, internet marketing, or something in the fashion world that grabbed their attention. Whatever the topic or genre, you are able to provide your audience with valuable information they could use to help their business grow or help them find something to wear to the next party. Good valuable information that you send to their inbox will keep your audience engaged. As time progresses they will want to read more about your topics. The subscriber will look forward to seeing the next issue of your ezine or newsletter.

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Publisher's Note:


Again thank you for reading. It's good to see you all here. The ezine has been a bit spotty as of late. Well, the publisher (myself :) has a new day job. That job has taken up some of my time and energy. But with time I will have my ezine routine back on track. Just bear with me. I am still checking on all of the other websites I own. I approve ads daily. If you have just subscribed, please remember to confirm your email address. The confirmation is probably in your junk folder.


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